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Mission Trip To Davao / Panabo

11 - 16 September 2017

This is the second trip this year to Davao City & Panabo. Besides training the second batch of Timothys on CPI – “Praise & Worship”, we had the joy of visiting two churches planted by our first batch of church planters. One was planted by the sea, and the other in a poor village.  It was humbling to know that both church planters had the passion to reach out to the community with the little they got from working as pecak (3-wheeler taxi) riders. The church buildings were constructed of bamboo strips and woven mats, and worshippers have to sit on wooden benches.  When it rains, the dirt floor would become muddy.  It badly needs a cemented floor and members of our team decided to pool our gifts to meet this need.

We conducted and introduced a day-seminar on Micro-Financing to assist the pastors so that they could spend more time in building up the church.  Many of them had to take up secular jobs as their congregations are poor.  The initial preparations to launch the micro-financing project have been laid and are in the process of fine-tuning to suit the local requirements.

Another day was devoted to a conference where 26 pastors came for ministry of the Word. 

There was weeping and repentance from dead works, releasing forgiveness and healing hurts. Many were broken in the presence of the Lord, crying on their knees for renewed passion for the Lord. 

We visited Ps Teddy who has mostly recovered from a stroke a year ago.  His speech is slurred and movement is slow.  We believe with him that the Lord will soon restore his health completely.  The team also ministered to the family financially, and a brother bought a new laptop for Teddy’s son for his school projects.

We returned home rejoicing for what the Lord is doing in Panabo. Little did we know that a few days later, we received tragic news that one of the micro-financing participants was killed in a road accident. We don’t have the answers as to why the Lord allowed it to happen.  The only thing we know is that the Lord loves her more than anyone else, and He is in control. 


On our part, we just have to trust Him, for He knows what’s best for us. 

Richard Toh

Executive Director,

ICM Singapore

Church building – simple bamboo structure

Our Church Planter who drives a pecak for a living

The floor gets muddy whenever it rains. Any sponsor for cement flooring?

Team members inside the church building

Handing over a love gift from team members

Visiting another church building by the sea

Church building made of bamboo standing on stilts

The children giving us a song item

Happy faces!

The church planter/pastor

Our van got stuck in the mud. Laying on of hands

Video of children praising the Lord Jesus in their new Church!

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