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Mission Trip Nepal 

2 - 11 October 2017

Two Testimonies

1. Encountering Jesus in Nepal - Grace Yan Ling

This was my first mission trip to Nepal.  Three years ago when I was praying for the country because of the earthquake, I had thought of visiting it. Therefore, when a sister-in-Christ invited me to join ICM Singapore’s Oct 2017 Nepal mission trip, I said yes immediately. Indeed I recognized that it was Jesus who opened the door to Nepal for me. I am truly thankful to be able to participate in ICM’s Nepal mission work, and in doing so witness what our heavenly Father is doing in that land. 

During the mission trip, my focus was mainly the ministry work among the orphans. (ICM Singapore supports two orphanages in Kathmandu.) Initially, I was doubtful of my effectiveness because of the language barrier (even with interpretation). However, I soon noticed how attentive the children were - be it in the songs, stories or prayers. I was touched by the faith and love flowing from their hearts.
As a country, Nepal is very impoverished. Yet I witnessed an abundance of love and blessings pouring forth from their pastors and church-leaders. Truly they serve not from their own resources or strength but in total dependence on Christ.

I am also touched by the villagers, many of whom travelled for days to attend ICM’s church-planting training. By focussing on the Lord Jesus, they overcame the difficulties of travel and distance to be equipped for church-planting. 
This mission trip reinforced my belief that the Lord is our Provider. We must not look to material things, nor to good times for contentment. The Nepalese have shown me how to boldly approach His throne of grace for everything, for His grace is indeed sufficient.
The ICM mission team is not regimented. All of us were motivated by love and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Because of this, I was not `task-oriented’. But instead I was able to focus solely on Jesus and thus enjoyed His presence and anointing.


2. Signs & Wonders -  Richard Woon

Nepal is a mountainous country with a population of 31 million. It is located between India and China and is a 4-hour flight from Singapore .
This is my third trip following ICMS  to Nepal . I enjoyed every moment going to Nepal with the ICMS group. Each trip is a new learning experience for me. I was supposed to go in March but I had to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances.  In May, The Lord spoke to me to go Nepal again. I obeyed His command and went on this October trip. I never regretted making that decision.

This trip was a blessed, joyful and fruitful one. I was assigned to teach two topics on the theme of Kingdom of God. It was a personal breakthrough for me.
It was great to learn that many Nepalese Brothers and Sisters are hungry for the Word of God . My deepest impression was hearing about two Sisters from a distant village. They had to walk for two days in the jungle, spend a night there and ate whatever they could get hold of in the jungle... just to come to Kathmandu to learn the Word of God!

Of course, the happiest experience for us is bringing someone salvation. On the last day of our Mission trip, the Holy Spirit led me to bring the hotel boss to give his life to the Lord. This was a seed sown several years ago by the ICMS team, and this was a day of harvest. There was much Joy in the camp that day!

In fact, the night before, our team was praying at the hotel rooftop balcony for his salvation - and God answered our prayer! All Glory and Praise to Father in Heaven!

Luke 15:7
“Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”

In one of the sessions, the team also witnessed how sight was restored to a trainee with poor vision! How great is our God! 
I’m certainly looking forward to the next trip! 

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