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The Journey of Glad Tidings International School At A Glance

Glad Tidings International School (formerly known as Hope International Primary School) was set up in April 2007 by Glad Tidings Church, Singapore in partnership with ICM Singapore. The school is located in a rural area in Kampong Speu. Our aim is to raise the educational standards of the children in that location as education is one of the ways to improve standards of living and also to raise the future generation of Cambodia.

The vision of Glad Tidings International School is to provide a holistic education for academic excellence and development of the whole person based on Christian principles.  We are committed to producing students of integrity, discipline, resilience and compassion.


Purchased of land for Hope International Primary School (HIPS).


Construction of HIPS began.


Hope International Primary School (HIPS) opens its door.

Day 1 saw 3 pupils and 4 teachers starting off the new school year. It grew to about 30 pupils by month end. By 2011, it was bursting at its seams with 350 students!



Additional purchase of 1.7 hectares of land



Groundbreaking of new building.



HIPS was renamed Glad Tidings International School (GTIS). 

The teachers' and expatriate dormitories were also completed.



Students moved into the new 4-storey school building with 16 classrooms. We also started our high school classes. Remembrance and honor to Pastor Wendy Ng who dedicated her life to the school.



School auditorium is completed.



1st batch of Grade 12 graduands.



GTIS 10th anniversary

The school operates from Grades 1 to 12 and has 498 pupils, 25 full-time teachers & 5 support staff. G10 – 12 classes cease temporarily due to a shortage of qualified teachers.


Return to GTIS, 16 May 2022

What a joy to be able to return to Cambodia after more than 2 years!

The storm created by covid19 has posed us many challenges, but through it all, God has turned it into a blessing for us. He is doing a new thing! Old things must pass away; old ideas and old ways of doing school have to make way to the new. Glory to God!

We arrived Cambodia on 16 May 2022, and immediately got to get the banking & legal matters done in Phnom Penh. We were so happy to hug our mission partners and seeing their smiling faces before we proceeded to the school in Kg Speu.

The school building looks as majestic as ever with a new coat of paint. The harsh weather had caused cracks in several parts of the building which needed urgent repairs. Classes had resumed and the authorities had recently passed the permission to have a bigger classroom size of 30-35. However, covid has taught us to be more prepared if the situation turns bad and we’re back to half class size, especially now that we’re planning to reinstate G10-G12 classes next year. With this in view, plans are on the drawing board for another block to accommodate more classrooms & laboratories, a library, a music room & computer room.

It happened that there were two public holidays which we could hold a workshop with all the teaching staff. The topic was “working towards total sustainability”. We had everyone putting their heads together for the first time, and what a fruitful outcome we got!

We had a glorious half day meeting up with 21 alumni students. Some of them have graduated with several graduating from local universities soon. We have a lawyer with an ambition to become a judge; another graduating to be an architect. What gladdens our hearts was to hear that they are thankful for GTIS for giving them a good foundation. One of them testified that she had poor grades from G1-G4. Her parents decided to enrol her to attend GTIS, and from then onwards, her grades grew tremendously! Her siblings are all here at GTIS.

Recently two students received outstanding awards from the Ministry. These were reported in the press. One G9 student came out top in a local mathematics competition while another GTIS graduate was awarded the most outstanding student at the G12 national exam. This has brought great encouragement to our staff and the student population to press on the greater academic achievement. However, this should not take precedence over our vision to build men & women of resilience & integrity that will impact the nation.

Here are some pictures of our recent trip we hope to excite you to journey with us into the new things God is doing 

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